Saving the planet one bottle at a time

About Replenish

It all began with a bike ride under the pretext of exercise, what actually happened was two friends escaping the confinements of the lockdown life and spending an hour putting the world to rights while trying to shed some pounds gained from eating too much lockdown baking!

On these rides, a number of topics were discussed, including shampoo bars and our desire to become more eco-friendly. The lack of satisfaction we experienced with shampoo bars led us to make the decision that refills would be the next step. However, we realised that finding refills in Norfolk was a challenge since our closest shop was over 40 minutes away.

Our next step was to think about what we could do to make refills closer to home. We cycled back and forth with ideas and decided we could provide refills in our own community. When we began to research and develop our ideas, we realised that most refillable bottles were plastic, which neither suited us nor was environmentally friendly. This led to the concept of aluminium bottles.

As a result, our Replenish brand was created, to bring refills to our community and to reduce single-use plastic at the same time as being able to accessorise with our beautiful bottles.

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Saving the planet one bottle at a time.

Hayley & Tanya